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Cute Little Song

I don’t know about you, but I never tire of cute little babies playing in high speed to a cute little song.

Credit: Francis Vachon‘s 9-month-old son

Song: Ensemble, from Coeur de Pirate (beautiful chanteuse from my town)



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Please play this song to best appreciate the importance of this post.


OK, it’s playing right? Here goes:

Last night, my little guy slept for 7 hours without interruption.

I put him down at 8pm, with the usual breastfeeding ritual, and he did not wake until 3am!

After 4 hours, I went to bed, convinced he’d wake up the moment my head hit the pillow, but not a peep. So I lay awake, waiting and waiting. At 1am, I heard a little cry and I sneaked into his room.  I would not have believed it had I not seen it with my own eyes. My baby just rolled over and went BACK to sleep by himself.

I wanted to organize a block party and skip down the street in delirious joy!

OK, I was just delirious. And way too excited to fall asleep. So I wasted that precious time and got only 3 hours of sleep. I kept thinking this was the beginning of a new era.

Will the gods punish me for my hubris? Whatever! Let them try. I’m prepared for the inevitable setback, but I won’t despair because I know if he did it once, he can do it again.

But here’s praying he’ll do it again tonight, because I really need to sleep. Good night!

PS: I will be over-analyzing this moment in a later post. I’m wondering myself what I did differently, or what has changed in his life to achieve this momentous milestone.


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The Parenting Profession

What an honor! I’ve been invited to be a guest panelist for a public conversation by my university.

The talks are hosted by different cafés throughout the semester, to tackle a variety of “societal challenges”. Anyone can come and give their opinion, and it’s a great way to learn and exchange ideas.

The topic I will be tackling:

The Parenting Profession: What impact does taking parental leave have on our ability to work and plan a career?

That’s a bit of a stumper. Where to begin?

Well, my first thought is, “I’m grateful.”

I know that I’m lucky to live in a country where I can get a year of paid leave. But let’s face it. It’s not just about the money, right? So much changes in our life from the moment we hold a precious baby in our arms. And then the impending return to work looms and our careers take a turn… down where?

So I’m gathering ideas to discuss with the crowd showing up at my favorite mama-baby coffee shop, Melons & Clementines, and I need your help.

How has your career fared since you had a baby?

Working hard for our little munchkins!


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