I’m back! Sort of…

Anyone wondering where I’ve been?

The simple answer is, I’ve been battling germs, viruses, and infections since pretty much November. Since Alex began daycare, my body has been host to them all. They came at me pretty much like the 3 Stooges stumbling out of an ever-spinning revolving door of disease. And anything I caught, my husband did too.

I thought I could tough it out. In September, it was a simple cold. My husband cried that he was dying, but I knew it was just a cold. In November, I got the flu. My husband cried that he was dying, but I knew we would survive. In December, during the holidays, I got a sinus infection. My energy reserves were starting to hit bottom. In January, I caught some throat virus. Now I started thinking that I was dying too.

Today, I was diagnosed with strep throat. That’s it. I’ve had enough. How do you guys handle it? Please tell me I’m not the only one living through this!

Who knew that sending your child to daycare would automatically enroll you to the disease of the month club? (edit: OK I exaggerate. I mean the sickness of the month club.)

As for Alex, don’t worry. He’s fared better than we have as he’s still breastfeeding and benefiting from my antibodies.

Slowly, I’m getting back into the writing game again. I miss reading all my favorite bloggers so much!



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5 responses to “I’m back! Sort of…

  1. Anonymous

    My daughter is 3. We used to go to the library for “story time” and found that even that caused her (and my husband and subsequently ..me) to get sick constantly!

  2. One of my coworkers asked me last week whether I got sick more often after I started taking Li’l D to daycare. Why, yes. Yes, I did. I’ve had a couple of years to adjust, but I still sometimes feel grumpy at how much more often I’m sick now than I used to be. Why didn’t I at least appreciate what a gift I had before?

    I hope you’re in the home stretch . . . for this winter. ♥

    • Thanks Deborah! Yeah, I’m on penicillin now and I’m feeling so much better. In fact, I feel amazing! I had forgotten how great it is to feel healthy.

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