The Proud Mama

I take a lot of pride in doing things myself without anyone’s help.

“I can do it myself!”

Mostly it’s because I’m fiercely independent. I want to prove to myself that I really can do it on my own. I want to give it a shot first before calling in for reinforcements. When it works, I feel great about myself and maybe I’ve learned a new thing or two. I am proud, in a good way I think.

Other times, pride goes before the fall. There are occasions when I should gratefully accept help and not see it as weakness on my part. I can’t help it sometimes. When someone offers to make supper, to give me a hand, I get all riled up. In my head, I sound like a 2-year old: “Me do it!”

Case in point: Halloween costumes. I can’t stand buying a pre-made one. The really nice ones are much too expensive for a one-night outfit. And I hate the cheap ones. Remember those plastic bags shaped as tunics with the logo of the superhero on the front? Not for my child’s first Halloween! Me do it!

So after going way over budget at the fabric store, I made a horrible-looking costume of Thor, the God of Thunder. (Yeah, I’m trying to instil humility in my son too.) I had basically a couple of hours during naptime to whip it together. The pressure of making it on time gave me a headache, like Thor’s hammer on my hippocampus.

The Littlest Viking

Even though the costume was amateur at best, I’m proud I did it myself. It’s ugly, I know it. But I’d rather see him in a silly home-made one than something without heart or without a funny story. I don’t know if he’ll ever forgive me for the blond braids.

Raiding the neighborhood for candy.

If you’re wondering, the helmet barely fits him because my husband overstuffed it. He thought it would otherwise be too big for him. Little does he know, my son has a big head. I know this because I gave birth to him. Moving along…


Arrg, matey! This is the last time this hat stays on my head.

Thor was his outdoorsy outfit. It gets really cold here on Halloween and I made it to slip right over his winter jacket. For his daycare party, I fixed a quick costume by making a pirate hat and dressing him in his skull bones pajamas.


He looked like a lost wild boy in Peter Pan’s island. Pretty cute!

So I’m working on my self-sufficiency issues. It can often be a good thing to take on challenges, but I also realize that it’s OK to ask for help, or to just buy a ready-made costume, and swallow my pride.

Unlike the hoard of candy my son pillaged from the neighbors, pride doesn’t have too many calories.


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10 responses to “The Proud Mama

  1. CJ

    These costumes are adorable, and he is the sweetest thing in them. I’m so impressed that you got him to wear his helmet and his pirate hat. My daughter was not so cooperative. As for not wanting help and not wanting to buy ersatz stuff, maybe next year you can borrow a costume? I’m sure someone would give you theirs in exchange for one of those knitted hats?

  2. The pressure of making it on time gave me a headache, like Thor’s hammer on my hippocampus.

    This is one of my favorite sentences of all time.

    And those blond braids? Priceless!

    • Jess

      GAH! You beat me to it, Deb. I copied and pasted that line to comment exactly what you wrote. I think Karla should win an award for that one. Hmmm…

      Karla, I feel the same way about pre-made costumes, but I just haven’t been able to even think about making one. I applaud your efforts! The Thor costume is adorable.

    • Thanks Deb! I’m a sucker for alliteration. Add cheesy puns to the mix, and I’m in a fit of giggles on the floor!

  3. Kudos to you for making not one, but two costumes!

    In general, I also pride myself on my self-sufficient and crafty ways. Yet, I’ve hardly found any time to get creative…or even to create something less than creative since Jacob’s birth!

    For Halloween, I went with a $20 green and purple, velvet dinosaur getup from Target. I give myself an “F” for effort. Still, at least he had a cute costume, and it didn’t cost much. Plus, he ended up tearing the (adorable) dinosaur hat off and saying “want off, mama” every time I put it back on him. I couldn’t refuse.

    I guess my point is twofold: #1 you amaze me that you carved out time to come up with those darling braids and #2 even if I had made some serious award-winning costume, it probably wouldn’t have lasted on my Jacob… maybe next year he’ll be more tolerant of headgear, and I’ll have more time on my hands…only time will tell!

    • Thanks for seeing it as creative… frankly, after all the stress and suffering, I see it as stubbornness. Sometimes it’s worth it, sometimes not. Next year, I’ll have to check out some reasonable alternatives, like Target! Or Old Navy. My friend got a cute get-up of a shark, which was essentially a fluffy jacket with hoodie.

  4. Life's amazing journey

    Love the Peter Pan ‘lost boy’ look – so gorgeous!

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