Will I jinx it?

Well, well, well… Should I wait and see how this new development pans out? Will I jinx it if I dare hope? I really should wait.

Nah! I have to share this good news immediately.

Last night, my little guy popped himself off the boob and fell asleep on his own. Such a small step for weaning, but it’s also a giant step for sleep independence!

Tonight he did it again. Before falling asleep, he stopped nursing and turned over on my lap. I caught him before he rolled onto the floor and carried him half-asleep to his crib. Then he rolled onto his belly, squirmed a bit (I held my breath) and then went to sleep by himself.

That’s all. Such a simple little thing. My brain is firing up endorphins, I hope not prematurely.

All mine!


OK, he still wakes up at night. And to maximize my sleep hours, I still bring him to bed after midnight. But I have a cute little story to go with this. Last night, he fell asleep by my side and started talking in his sleep. In a squeaky little voice he said, “Mine! Mine-mine-mine-mine-mine-mine-mine.” I stuffed my face in my pillow to keep from laughing out loud.


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3 responses to “Will I jinx it?

  1. timeformetoday

    So cute!

  2. CJ

    What a sweet story! Crossing all my fingers and toes that he continues on this winning streak. I also love the idea of him chanting ‘mine’ to himself. Sometimes I hear Poppy on the baby monitor shouting “No, Mine!” to her teddy bear. It must be something they’re learning in daycare …

    Peaceful sleep to you all this evening!

  3. Aw!

    Like CJ above, my fingers are crossed!

    Will we get a comment update in the morning? 0:)

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