Daycare Life (via The Playdate Mommies)

Here’s a post I put on another WordPress site, which I share with my mommy friends, called The Playdate Mommies… This isn’t really an update on my daycare situation; just more about my conflicted feelings.

And don’t worry. I keep my “divisive” feelings to myself. When I pick him up at daycare, I don’t get all weepy, such as “oh, my poor baby, don’t worry, mommy is here now!” That would just make me sick. Instead, we make mornings, evenings and weekends as special and happy as possible. In front of Alex, I remain genuinely positive, knowing that I’ll get used to it, one day at a time.

One interesting note in regards to breastfeeding: I thought that booby-time would be over, but I was wrong. My little one just adapted and continues to feed whenever we can, snuggling in the morning and co-sleeping at night. As he’s already caught a cold the first week in daycare, and roseola just last week, breastfeeding has been life-saver. He gets all the comfort that he needs and some good nutrition even though he’s lost his appetite.

Thank you blog-friends, for your support. We may be far away from each other, but I hope you know how much I appreciate your kind words, and how much I love to read about your updates too!

Daycare Life Daycare Life

I don’t think I’ve ever faced anything so divisive in me. Half of me says, it is necessary. The other half says, to heck with it. “It” is daycare for my little baby. Not so little anymore, as I’ve enjoyed 15 months of baby bliss with him. But as a work  colleague with a wry sense of humour told me, ” The dream is over Karla. Welcome back to work.” Read More

via The Playdate Mommies


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6 responses to “Daycare Life (via The Playdate Mommies)

  1. I really enjoyed your post. I am facing switching daycare centers and it is tearing me up inside. I fear that my son won’t receive as much attention from the caregivers as he does now, because there is a higher child-to-caregiver ratio. He will also need to be there for more hours than he attends now. Unfortunately, this switch is one born out of necessity and somehow we will have to make it work. Continuing breastfeeding seems to be the best way for us to cope. (And YES! the immune benefits are extra-amazing for a child in close quarters with other young drooly ones.)

    I wish you the best. Please keep sharing your experiences.

    • Good luck Jess! As moms, we get to worry about everything, right? Hopefully, the transition will go smoothly for both of you.
      Does your new daycare give you daily reports? That might help with the stress and guilt. I love reading about what he ate for lunch and how long his nap was. If they don’t, I’m sure the caregivers will gladly tell you about his day, like a de-briefing.
      Thanks for reading my posts! I’m looking forward to reading about how your little guy fares in the new daycare.
      Take care,

  2. CJ

    Wow, what an amazing piece!

  3. My son is going into daycare in a little over a week, and I am dreading it! Damn you, filthy lucre!

    • I know, it’s as hard for mom as for baby. I’m sure you’ve picked the best place, though that will feel like poor comfort. I won’t hide it from you… it’s going to be tough the first few days. But from what I’ve experienced so far, they are resilient. Aside from the sleep issues, remedied by co-sleeping, they come to enjoy daycare and their new little friends.

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