Misery loves company.

When life gets you down, and you’re bummed out because you haven’t slept a wink, you need the company of friends. Preferably ones who are going through the same sleep-deprived phase of parenting. Or at least ones who will not brag about their babies who fall asleep on their own and sleep for 12 hours straight! I still love you, but I don’t want to hear about it!

Today, I came across this blog post – “Why is Making Mommy Friends So Hard?” – and I realized how lucky I am to have made so many wonderful mommy friends at local breastfeeding-cafe Melons & Clementines


Melons Cafe: where everybody knows your name.

… and through WordPress too. And when one is grateful, it’s good karma to say thanks.

Check out my blogroll of Cool Moms and Dads. Thanks to them all, in particular:

Knowing you are not alone, swapping horror stories (and learning that things could always be worse), or just getting a pat on the back, helps you bushwhack through the rough patches.

And if anyone out there reads this and needs some positive and supportive words, please drop me a line!


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5 responses to “Misery loves company.

  1. Thanks, Karla, for posting this! It’s so true–we moms need each other! I moved to CT from OH almost ten years ago. Having grown up in one state and then moving to another to start anew, it was so hard making friends! Still, I didn’t find I needed them all that much…until I had my son! Suddenly, all I needed was another mom who knew what I was going through! I found so much comfort in the moms I met through my breastfeeding groups and online with my blog.

    Hey, speaking of blog buddies, several times, I was looking for a “subscribe” button on your blog. I just found the “notify me of new posts via email” just below this “leave a reply” box. If I were you (just sayin’), I would add the “subscribe” button somewhere on your home page that doesn’t require scrolling down to the bottom. I would have subscribed to your posts long ago if you had it there!!!

    P.S. you should update us (readers) on how things are going with your new job, breastfeeding, etc. I’m curious after your last post!! Hope all is well:)

    • Thanks Nikki! I hope we get to meet in person one day! I think your Jacob is the cutest little guy.
      I followed through with your suggestion and added a subscription box at the top. It never occurred to me that people would want to be updated!
      I’ll be re-blogging a post I put on another WordPress site… not really an update, but more about my conflicted feelings about daycare. I’m getting used to it, one day at a time.

  2. Karla,
    Thanks for writing this post. It kinda broke my heart a little, your emotional struggle about leaving your guy in daycare, how unnatural that felt, like he was in another world. I go to work every day and feel somehow disconnected and lost, while my wife and girls are home or out and about taking care of “the farm”. It feels like I’m in outer space, even though I work with great people and we do brilliant work and we make it fun. My wife and I were very lucky in that years before our children came to us she started her own business teaching partner dancing, something she could do in the evenings. She did this so that we could avoid daycare, and it has been a good choice for us. Not everybody has the luxury of being a stay-home-mom or -dad, but we really wanted it and I can sympathize with your feeling: how odd it is to think of our children, barely able to walk or not yet at all, being shipped out to spend the formative part of their day with someone else. It kills me that our society’s work ethos has unfolded in such a way as to make that sacrifice necessary for so many. Anyway, it sounds as though you have perfectly balanced your acceptance of your reality and your ability to locate and articulate the feelings you have about it. Well done.

    • Thank you Matt for your support and kind words! I’m so happy that you and your wife have found a balance between work and family. How very smart of her to plan this in advance. I’m still trying to find a way to earn a little living, while being a more present mom in my baby’s life. I think if you always keep a positive outlook, there’s bound to be a way.

  3. CJ

    Hi Karla – thanks for putting me on your blogroll. I am honoured! Also, I was just logging on today to suggest that you put a ‘subscribe’ button on your page but see that Nikki beat me to it. Great minds …

    I’m very jealous of your delightful Melons & Clementines cafe. It sounds like the perfect place to be. And I agree that misery loves company. I have an acquaintance who keeps telling me how perfect her child is, and telling me what I should do with mine. It makes my blood boil. Grrr!

    Having said that, I read somewhere that when you become a mother, your friendship group expands six-fold. (I need to find the original research for this). That is certainly the case for me, and my daughter has given me the opportunity to meet many people I wouldn’t ordinarily talk to. Our local swimming pool is our version of your cafe. Sadly though, due to the state of the Texas budget, it will be closed soon. Oh well. We’ll keep bush-whacking elsewhere I suppose. – CJ

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