Why I’m losing sleep now.

So, just when things are getting better, when my baby has finally cut through a few molars, when he’s not sick, when he voluntarily removes himself from my breast to fall asleep… a monkey wrench gets thrown in.

My little guy is starting daycare.

I’ve been dreading this for a long time, but like an unstoppable force, I could do nothing to prevent it. Yes, I have a great daycare, with a high ratio of fabulous caregivers, delicious food, fun activities, the whole works. Also, I started this week with little practice sessions, an hour at a time at first, working up to a full day by the end of the week. All these things help a little, but not enough to ease him into a big change in his life.

Since we started “daycare practice” this week, he’s been waking up every hour, sometimes every half-hour. The only solution: return to co-sleeping. My husband is worried that our son will get used to it again. I don’t care. All I know is that my baby is stressed out and needs comfort.

And I think I need comfort too. For the first time, I’ll be away from my sweetie all day long. Someone else will be playing with him, feeding him, cuddling him to sleep. Well, not really. He’s refusing to take his naps. The environment is so stimulating and the stress won’t let him relax enough to fall asleep.

So he comes home overtired, stressed, and urgently wanting to latch on and snuggle with me in bed. It’s the least I can do. Effectively, mommy-time has been reduced to 4 hours a day. Co-sleeping increases the cuggle quota he needs.

Despite this little drama, I know I’ve been lucky. I was able to postpone daycare until he turned 15 months old. Many mothers do not have that luxury. Like all of them, I hope my little darling will adjust to this separation and still get what he needs from me.


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8 responses to “Why I’m losing sleep now.

  1. CJ

    What a coincidence that both our 15-month-old’s are starting daycare at the same time. We still have about 7 weeks to prep for the big event so it is great (or scary) to read your account of how it’s going. Your son will adapt in no time and soon, once the sleep is sorted out, he will be fully involved in everything your daycare has to offer. But as for you (and me), it is a major transition and a difficult wrench from the privilege of being at home. I wish you the best of luck, and look forward to reading how you both settle in. CJ

    • Thanks CJ for your support! When I have time to sort out my feelings, I’ll write about his first week in daycare.
      I wish you all the best too. I’m sure 7 weeks will help your daughter ease into a new (and fun) routine.

  2. I’ve been working full time since my son was 4 months old. We still co-sleep even though it means an occasional punch or kick in the face to me or my husband here and there. (In fact, my husband awoke the other morning with my 14-month son’s finger up his nose. Ha ha.) Being together at night is the only way that I can handle being separated from my little guy all day long 5 days a week. Not getting as much sleep as we may get if he slept in his crib is a small price to pay. Good luck to you and yours! Let us know how it turns out over time! 🙂

    • Thanks Nikki! It feels good to hear how other parents handled these challenging transitions. I agree with you, co-sleeping is heavenly. So snug! Teehee, thanks for the mental picture of your husband’s surprised look in the morning!

  3. My son just started full-time daycare this summer. He is 27 months old now and has been in daycare part-time since he was six months old, but this is the most time we’ve ever spent apart. He and I are both adjusting, slowly, and co-sleeping helps a LOT. Maybe it will be hard to get him back to sleeping in his own room all night again, but at least for now we get to have a little more time together to make things easier on us. Good luck to you and please update us on your adjustment progress!

    • So you have a lot going on too, hunh? Going from part-time to full-time is a big step, I’m sure. I love co-sleeping too. Somehow, we’re connected in dreamland and through snoring, with the occasional accidental slaps in the face. Really, he gave me an uppercut the other night. I’m such a masochist. I’m writing my thoughts as we speak and will post it soon. I look forward to hearing how you are doing too! I hope all is well.

  4. Sabine

    Am I the only one who is happy that my son (8.5 months) has just started daycare? It’s been a dream for me and for him: he loves it there and I get some much needed R&R! He has not even cried as single time upon my leaving in the morning. May I venture out and suggest that the longer you put off starting daycare, the harder it is on the child?

    • That’s wonderful! He must be in a great daycare. Of course you’re right. Every mother deserves a break and a trusted daycare is worth it. And no tears! Something is definitely working well there. Please share your secret with us!
      As for when it’s best for a child to start, I think everyone is different and a mom knows best. I’m glad I extended my maternity leave. Something kept nagging in me that it wasn’t the right time for my son.

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