Get out there!

There’s nothing more draining to the soul than realizing you’ve done nothing all day because you’re too tired.

Nuts to that. No matter how tired I am, I make sure I’ve at least gone for a walk.

After splashing your face with cool water, “getting out there” is the best antidote to becoming a zombie.

Do a couple of sun salutes, then strap your baby in your carrier and try any of these easy suggestions:

  • Go to a baby-mama coffee shop. Ask for DECAF.
  • Go to the local library. Seeing your baby’s reaction to that many books in one place is priceless.
  • Organize a playdate at your house. Misery loves company, as long as the company couldn’t care less that your place is a mess.
  • Go to your backyard, or the park. Lie on a blanket and blow some bubbles. Seeing your baby fall over in a fit of giggles will re-energize you.
  • Try out a playgroup, like the Mother Goose Rhyme Time.
  • Or just walk around the block. Breathe in some fresh air.

A new mother’s biggest enemy is the isolation.

Go out and have fun!!

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