The Transfer, part 1

So your baby has fallen asleep in your arms. Now what? You face the biggest challenge yet: the transfer.

How do you smoothly transfer your baby from your arms into her crib? Here are a few tips:

  • Think ahead. Before breastfeeding or rocking your baby to sleep, make sure everything is ready in his crib, blankets out of the way, lights out, etc…
  • When you unlatch your baby from your breast, wait a moment before getting up. Easy does it!
  • It helps if your baby falls asleep close to his crib. Every step on your creaky floors risks waking him up!
  • If it’s winter, ask your husband to warm up the crib with a hot-water bottle. Otherwise, your baby will wake up the moment he hits the cool bed sheet.
  • Get a crib that is right for your height. You won’t manage to keep him asleep if you have to hop him over the crib, and then roll him out of your arms. I got the IKEA crib (Gulliver) and it’s so easy to plunk him down in it.
  • Keep an old shirt close to his crib. Your mommy smell will keep him happy. This isn’t a guarantee though… my baby got wise that it wasn’t me in there with him! But my friend said she got an extra half hour sleep in the mornings with this trick.

Sometimes, all the tricks in the world won’t persuade your little one to sleep in his crib. Don’t give up. You have to practice every chance you get. It’s normal that it takes time.

And my best trick of all… see my next post: The Transfer, part 2!

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