Make a plan.

Sleep-training your baby at 3 in the morning, because you just can’t take it anymore, is a very bad idea.

Think of your goal, and ask yourself what you hope to achieve. Do you just want your baby out of your bed? Or do you want to keep her next to you, but get her to stop nursing every hour? Carefully, determine the most important outcome for you.

Next, make a plan. Write down ideas and figure out step-by-step, to the smallest detail, how you will get there.

Make sure you have the support of your spouse. You don’t want to argue about methods in the middle of the night.

Lastly, have a plan B, in case your original plan spectacularly falls apart. The next morning, re-evaluate and give yourself time to adjust things to suit your baby and your parenting style. Feel free to return to your original bedtime ritual. It’s not a failure, it’s a learning experience.

And give your baby time. Any change is a big upheaval for them and may take a month to implement. Of course, you should trust your instincts if you feel that the plan is not worth following through. Just don’t flip-flop too often. Your baby needs consistency in order to adopt the new way of falling asleep.

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